How to Use an Evacuation Chair

When an emergency occurs and lifts or Elevators can’t be used, it can sometimes mean that those who…

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Welcome to Evacuation Chair

Welcome To Fire Evacuation Chair The SKU-13 Fire Evacuation Chair is an emergency evacuation solution for smooth ascent and descent of stairs during an emergency. A high-performance rescue staircase chair is suitable for patients of all needs. One Person activity ensures that during emergency evacuation procedures, no heavy lifting or manual handling is necessary. The evacuation chair SKU-13 comes with a five year warranty and truly believe our product is second to none. Elevators should not be used in multi-story buildings in the case of an emergency such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or even something as simple as power outage, because people who are immobile may get stuck. Our Stair evacuation chair is the ideal solution; it is a lightweight and simple-to-use evacuation chair that glides smoothly down the stairs to help with the quickly and safely removal of disabled people. The Evacuation Chair is mounted on the wall and folds discreetly under a dust cover making it the ideal solution for ensuring that you comply with health, safety and fire laws. Evacuation Chairs are portable mobile chairs that are foldable and used to move people with disabilities down stairways. Evacuation chairs can be manual or have a motor powered by batteries. The chairs are equipped with wheels and rubber tracks which make a decent downstairs regulated. Usually speed control devices and braking systems for the evacuation chairs control the speed of descent and have an external brake while stationary. It also sells motorized evacuation seats.