It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable wherever you go, whether you have a disability or your loved one does. This said there are those companies that provide a whole range of equipment to ensure that people who aren’t mobile can quickly and conveniently enter and exit the properties.

One critical piece of equipment provided by such manufacturers is the evacuation chairs. It helps people to leave a building in an emergency in wheelchairs or scooters, without hindering any safety rules and putting other lives at risk.

Any equipment is good of course unless it is of the highest quality. With this in mind, there are different pieces of equipment such as stairs, barriers and other devices, which are of the highest quality ensuring long-term use.

Whether you want to go and look at such protection and mobility equipment or you want to learn about other convenient ways, there are those companies that provide an online gallery of their items that allows you to browse from the comfort of your home.

The gallery of products contains highly visible images of all their products, so you can choose what you want without visiting the store. Obviously if you want to ask about any of the goods there are numbers to call which enables you to speak directly to the suppliers.

It’s all about ease, and those who understand how hard it can sometimes be, are aiming to make their resources as readily available to those who need it most. Whether you or someone you know needs new products, or just want to replace existing products that have seen better days, there are those that can provide the best products for your needs with professional advice.

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So, don’t run the risk of selecting items that might not last today, having quality evacuation chairs, scooters and other accessories from specialist suppliers.

Evacuation Chairs and Other Mobility Aids Safety suppliers should be the focal point of any commercial or industrial property. There are however many places that are unaware of the available equipment which ensures that everyone exits a building quickly and efficiently regardless of their condition.

If you are disabled or have a disabled person working for your company, then a fire escape route is important to ensure that everyone can exit a building in an emergency situation. An evacuation chair is one piece of equipment that can help someone who is bound by wheelchairs from making a quick exit.

It is believed that those people with disabilities should be put in a refuge area before emergency services arrive to help them safely get out of a building. This is, of course, a major concern for those who believe that this is the case, especially when there are products that can prevent this and allow everyone to leave in an emergency.

Online specialists specializing in evacuation chairs and other mobility aids have a wide range of products to choose from on their website to ensure that those with disabilities are not hampered by their condition. Mobility aids are important for independent living, whether at work or at home, and there are vast makes models and goods that can ensure this is the case for all.

With full range and choice at the touch of a button, mobility aids are available for viewing in their online product catalogue. Whether you’re looking for wheelchair lifts, ramps or accessories for your home or office, they can be viewed online with’ Learn More’ options to make sure they’re exactly what you want.

Evacuation chair suppliers await your call to help you and your company. Don’t postpone improving your property’s disabled access, call specialists today for the wide range of choices available to you.

Evacuation Chairs and Stretchers-The Best Models

evac chair fire evacuation chair evacuation chair for stairs

There are a number of purposes for which stretchers are used and each will dictate the type of stretcher suited to their needs. Patients, victims or those who require care will often need a specific stretcher that meets the circumstances.

Common stretcher use

The most common use of a stretcher is to simply remove a person out of harm, whether it’s a play field injured sportsman or a battlefield war victim. A quick strain to the muscle or minor cut to the flesh and a stretcher to the pole should do the job. If the person has received a blow to the head or neck injury, however, a stretcher will stop them and prevent further complications from occurring.

Immobilizing the patient

The physical environment is another concern with stretcher selection. If it is necessary to move a person through narrow passages, through stairwells or in confined spaces, then a specialist stretcher may be required. Sleds and rescue chairs are suitable for the evacuation of tall buildings, and scoop stretchers are often used to evacuate injured people from damaged areas of earthquake or collapsed buildings.

Difficult terrain stretchers

Remote rescue often calls for a specific type of stretcher, particularly if the casualty needs to be rescued from a rugged wilderness or mountain top. Here rescue parties often choose collapsible stretchers that are easy to carry and assembled on site quickly. In difficult terrain, basket stretchers are also a popular choice, especially with helicopter crews plucking casualties off cliff faces, lonely beaches or from the water. To sustain the rigors of hanging outside the aircraft, they need to be durable, and also stable enough to hold and lift the patient.

Durable stretchers

Because of their flexibility and the protection they provide in moving an injured person, Basket stretchers are most widely used stretchers. These can be fitted with additional anchor points for hoisting, protective masks to cover the head and body of a patient, thermal blankets, flotation packs and backboards, all designed to ensure the safety of people, regardless of where they are saved from.

There’s been innovative technological and material developments since the humble origins of the pole stretcher over 100 years ago. These have led to the current situation we have today where the perfect stretcher solution is always available, no matter what the circumstances are that a person finds himself injured in. And the basic pole stretcher is still in use when nothing else is to be done to get patients out of the way quickly and safely from harms.

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